Custom Picture Mount Ordering

Mount Aperture Instructions

Need help in choosing the correct mount size?

1. A 200mm x 300mm certificate will fall through an aperture 200mm x 300mm.
2. Mounts are measured width x height, so a 200mm x 300mm aperture is 200mm wide x 300mm high.
3. Mounts are cut by hand, and so a tolerance is required of +/- 2mm.

What size aperture do I enter for my 200mm x 300mm portrait (upright) certificate?
Answer : 195mm x 295mm
This is called the' visible area', 'aperture,' or 'cut out.' It may arrive from 197 mm x 297mm to 193mm x 293mm, but either way, your certificate will not fall through.

When will my order arrive?
Mounts may take an additional fourteen days to be manufactured depending on our staff workload.

How do I attach my certificate or picture to the mount ??
Usually, customers use a small piece of masking tape to attach the certificate or picture to the back of the mount board.

What is the 'size' of a frame?
Wherever you buy a frame in the world, the 'size' is the size of the piece of glass which fits in it. So - if you can fit a piece of glass 70 x 100cm into a frame you can also fit a poster 70 x 100cm.

Where are your mounts made?
Our hand-cut mounts are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the UK.

Can I buy mounts for a clip frame?
We do not recommend or supply mounts with clip-frames.

Do you supply samples?
We do supply samples at favourable shipping rates to specific FastFrames account holders such as Designers and Advertising agencies who require samples on a regular commercial basis. In most circumstance, we recommend you make your purchase in the normal manner, and you can always return the order for the full refund if not satisfied.

Can we buy your mounts from shops?
YES. You may recognize our frames and mounts as those you see in High Street Stores. Usually, the only difference is the frames may have a different brand name and be 50-100% more expensive.

I can't see the size frame and mount I need can you help?
Visit our Made-to-Measure section.

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