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How fast is shipping ?


Normal Deliveries Monday to Friday and must be signed for.

How do I order a custom mount size ?

Measuring a mount aperture size

What size of aperture do I need?

Aperture for my 200 x 300 mm certificate

When will my order of Custom Cut Mounts arrive?

Custom mounts

How do I attach my picture or certificate to my mount?

Mounting artwork

What is the 'size' of a frame?

Size of frame is the size of artwork that fits into it.

Where are your mounts made?

UK made mounts.

Do you provide samples?

Samples are available.

Can we buy mounts from shops?

Our Mounts and Frames may be purchased at High Street Stores but will be more expensive.

I can't see the size frame and mount I need. Can you help?

Made to Measure Frames are available.

Do you have my item in stock?

Huge stock quantities.

Does the Frame have glass?

Frames have glass or plastic glass.

What is plastic glass like?

Plastic glass is lightweight and less likely to break.

Does Plastic Glass Scratch?

Do frames come complete?

Frames come complete and ready to hang.

Where are your Frames made?

European frames.

What is your returns policy?

Ready-made frames can be returned within 30 days of receipt.